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RapidStart™: Email Personalization for Every Customer in Minutes, Not Months

Improve email open and click-through rates without tedious list segmentation or extensive content audits. After indexing all of your content for you, OneSpot fills each email template with articles, offers and product recommendations that are tailored to each unique customer.

Personalized Messaging for Everyone, Instantly

Rapid Design
RapidStart™ Design

Just 1 snippet of code activates AI that powers our email personalization software.

Dynamic Content
Dynamic Content Recommendation Engine

Machine learning algorithms analyze thousands of variables to unlock personalized brand engagement.

Cross-Channel Integratoin
Cross-Channel Integration

Improve digital experiences effortlessly. OneSpot tracks behaviors across every channel, analyzes them and delivers individualized content.

Automatic Content Indexing
Automatic Content Indexing

OneSpot uses NLP to instantly index all your existing website content, creating a virtual library that our software considers for each visitor.

Offer Library
Offer Library

Test Coupons, lead gen forms, trial offers, special discount offers, Buy Now buttons and more to see what works best for each customer.

A B Testing
A/B Testing

Optimize your outcomes by testing different business rules, metadata overrides, display formats and page layouts.

Insights Dashboard
Insights Dashboard

Instantly review a wide range of information and metrics to inform your content development roadmap and demand generation strategies.

Mobile SDK
Mobile SDK

Integrate OneSpot into your native mobile app in order to deliver individualized experiences in this channel.

Improve KPIs Across Pages, Emails, Ads and More

Optimize Websites
Increase Website Conversion Rates

Improve ROI, lifetime value and other key KPIs with personalized content that engages each customer and makes them feel invested in your brand.

Optimize Landing Page
Improve Email Open and Clickthrough Rates

Improve the performance of your email campaigns without tedious list segmentation. OneSpot fills each email template with articles, offers and product recommendations that are tailored to each unique customer.

Optimize Email
Boost Landing Page Performance

Increase average time on page and get more conversions with always-optimized landing pages. OneSpot effectively eliminates the need for A/B testing by indexing the individual elements of your landing pages and delivering the ideal page to each customer.

Optimize Ad Copy
Optimize Ad Copy

Improve CTR on all your ads with AI-Powered copy. OneSpot identifies and delivers hyper-relevant content and offers for each visitor at each stage of the funnel.

Develop Your Digital Roadmap
Develop Your Digital Content Roadmap

Optimize your content strategy without extensive content audits or data mining. OneSpot’s visual Insights Dashboard makes it easy to identify content opportunities and prioritize high-value content. It’s easier than ever to improve engagement, reduce abandonment and increase conversions.

Leading Brands Love OneSpot

“OneSpot’s sophisticated approach to individualization allows us to simplify operations while delivering a better experience to every consumer.”

Under Armour

With OneSpot, Under Armour experienced:
  • +39% life in engaged pageviews
  • +44% lift in engaged time
  • +90% reduction in newsletter production time and effort

“We have been able to activate real-time 1:1 content personalization across devices. This has helped us leverage our portfolio of content to deliver relevant experiences to each visitor.”

Under Armour

With OneSpot, L’Oreal reported:
  • +80% boost in number of visitors likely to read 3 articles
  • 12x more likely to click high-value CTAs on website
  • 25x more likely to click high-value CTAs in emails

More Clicks. More Conversions.

With hyper-targeted user emails, you’ll boost engagement, loyalty, revenue and more. Ready to take your email marketing to new heights?

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